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In Absentia is a virtual exhibition that explores the art of healing in these uncertain times. As we're experiencing a global absence due to COVID-19, our understanding of the "new normal" is constantly in flux. Reflecting on these challenges and redefining the meaning of quotidian things help to find some semblance of stability during this pandemic. Even with the limited means to create, <In Absentia> experiments with archive materials and online resources to illustrate the meaning of time, mediation of technology, comfort of space, spontaneity of encounter, and recollection of memory. 

Gioh Sung


I was 14 when I discovered the world of filmmaking and the power of visual storytelling. I was fascinated by film as a medium of expression, empowerment, and entertainment. I'm passionate about discovering and representing stories from different cultures, communities, and experiences. 

Attending UC Santa Cruz to pursue my B.A. in film and digital media production and education has been an incredible opportunity to broaden my perspectives. As a filmmaker and an educator, I wish to share my appreciation for the arts and creativity in this project and all my work going forward.  

Special thanks to

Irene Lusztig 

Kora Fortun

Edith Trautwein 

Marwan Ramen

UCSC Film 175

Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery

UCSC FDM Department

UCSC Film Production Coalition

Santa Cruz Museum of Art and History


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